Brewing Made Easy – An Introduction to Commercial Brewery Equipment

You’ve been brewing some great beers for quite some time now. Your family loves them. Your friends love them. And now you think its the time to expand into something larger to start your own brewing business.

Here at XIMO Brewing Equipment, we understand that making that jump to using commercial brewing equipment can be a little unnerving. So we’ve made a little guide to help you through the brewing process for commercial breweries and familiarize you with the different equipment and procedures you’ll be work with when you’re ready to take that next step.

*Every piece of equipment in every picture is designed and constructed with the highest quality in mind, by XIMO Brewing Equipment

Milling your Malt
Step 1 of brewing: Milling your malt
Step 2: The Brewhouse
Step 2: Passing the malt through the Brewhouse
Mashing and Lautering
Step 2a. Mashing and Lautering your grist into wort
Step 2b: Boiling and Whirlpooling
Step 2b. Boiling your wort and hops ands seperating the hops from the wort.
Step 2c: Lowering the Wort Temperature
Step 2c. Lowering the wort temperature by passing it through a plate heat exchanger


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