Craft Beer More than Just a Business

A Communtiy of passionate individuals 

The Craft Beer community is made up of a vast ever-changing network of people from brewers themselves, to distributors, bartenders, connoisseur’s, and much more people associated with this community. Often or not these people represent a different community and use the Craft beer community as a platform to project the voice of smaller community individuals stand for. Such as breweries that support our nation’s troops and veterans that have fought for our country. Another community voicing its ideals is the sustainable/renewable energy or “green” community. The rise and popularity of breweries bring innovation and creativity in terms of having an energy resource that is sustainable. Many breweries are adopting ideas like solar and microturbines, for example, the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA is the leading company to go out of its way to create a sustainable brewery. Another example is a Philanthropic Brewery in which it is a non-profit company where all profits are donated to a charity. This idea is gaining more popularity as giving back to those in need is what the Craft community is all about. Just in these sparse examples shows that breweries sell beer for profit but most of these Craft community members stand for something much larger than just selling beer, they stand for an idea or a cause. That is why the community members are passionate for beer because it can be used as an avenue to share an idea that others might have the same thoughts and feelings. The Beer community, in general, is passionate about their ideas and will not stop until they come to fruition.  Passion is a major contributing factor that these individuals have for their community and ideas that they stand for. Passion is the consistent trend when looking at this community from the outside in.

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