1. Heat water above 140 degrees but below 180 Controlling temperature is not as simple as heating your water to 140 and spraying down the area you want to clean.
  2. Drain all liquid in tank and rinse with hot water, remove Co2 with a vacuum system or you can use a 5 HP shop vac for 20 minutes. Very important! Co2 neutralizes the caustic solution. (be sure to open up all valve to make an air change)
  3. Pre heat tanks with hot water before using caustic with spray ball.
  4. Start caustic rinse with sodium hydroxide around 2 to 5 oz. per gallon should be done in 7 second bursts and rinse until clear liquid come out of the trub dump or drain. Repeat on all ports.
  5. Drain caustic and burst rinse on all ports, same as caustic rinse except with hot water.
  6. After rinsing with hot water remove all sanitary connections and valves to soak in caustic solution. Inspect all ports and openings for any type of buildup especially around the spray ball if you find buildup clean with brush, when done with the soaking part put back together and rinse again with hot water.
  7. After vessel is back together it’s time for an acid rinse, there are 3 reasons to acid wash Acid neutralizes caustic solution 2. Helps bring back integrity of the stainless steel. 3. Breaks down any leftover mineral deposits left inside of the tank.
  8. start by hooking your pump on a recirculating cycle system to be able to put the acid back in the vessel when is leaves, one of the mixtures you can use is a half and half mixture of phosphoric acid and nitric acid about 1 0z. Per gallon, rinse continually for around 20 minutes or until you decide. When done, rinse with hot water, drain water, seal the vessel up and do not open until ready to brew/ ferment.

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