Jacketed VS Unjacketed Brewing Equipment

When referring to brewing equipment, the term: Jacketing, is something of a modern luxury when brewing. The cost of jacketing your brewing equipment can be slightly more costly initially , but can allow for a greater degree of versatility when making brews.

Jacketing, simply put, is a fancy term for a piece of brewery equipment that has been surrounded with extra metal plating that allows a cooling material to pass through and maintain the internal temperature of the vessel. As the temperature rises, a mechanism triggers the release of a cooling agent, such as glycol, to reduce the temperature until it returns to the set value, turning off the release of the cooling agent. When a vessel is jacketed, the internal temperature will not be subjugated to the warmer temperatures of the brewery. This allows you, as the brewer, to develop different types of beers at the same time without being constrained to the temperature of the brewing room.

Non-jacketed brewing vessels, on the other hand, will be greatly influenced by their surroundings. For example, a non-jacketed fermenting tank would have a similar internal temperature to its surrounding environment because it lacks a jacket to maintain a cooler internal temperature. If your brewery is in a temperature-controlled room, like a cold room, then a non-jacketed fermenter could be an effective tool for your brewery, but without that cold-room, your fermenting beer would gain an off or different taste than expected.

Jacketed Brewing Equipment
Jacketed Brewing Equipment: The pink and red area is the jacketing that helps maintains the internal temperature within the brewing vessel.
Unjacketed Brewing Equipment
Unjacketed Brewing Equipment: Compared to the jacketed equipment, there is no pink area surrounding the vessel. This means the internal temperature will typically be very close to the external temperature of the brewing vessel.


Overview: Jacketed brewing vessels provide you with more flexibility to create new and different beers for your consumers by removing the need for temperature controlled rooms. Non-jacketed brewing vessels require a temperature controlled environment to ensure the a constant, delicious taste to to ever brew, and even then, you will usually be constrained to making only a single type of beer.

Verdict: Consider the pros and cons before making a decision between the types of vessels. Non-jacketed equipment may be cheaper than jacketed equipment, but jacketed equipment provides that necessary brewing freedom.


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