What kind of beer do you like more



It uses roasted barley, hops, water and yeast brewed by top fermentation technology, visual  with a delicate foam, and extremely deep black colors, the more intense the taste of wine, full of flavor and a strong caramel sweetness characteristics .

Wheat beer:

Wheat beer is added to a large proportion of wheat malt and then through the top fermentation technology brewing . Wheat beer is rich in fruit flavor. And its bodied pale & rich foam appearance make it also called white beer .

Pale ale:

Pale Ale is one of the major beer styles in the world, with rich bubbles . Pale malt has a  high proportion in its ingredients , therefore lighter in color.It is characterized by a strong flavor of malt, hops taste strong and even bitter , some even added a touch of fruity. But precisely because of the bitter taste, the taste of wine to make a clear division of each flavor, excessive calm and very balanced.

Brown ale:

It is usually a very dark amber or brown, chocolate and caramel flavors evident.Brown ale today in some areas is considered to represent sweet beer. And there are many different styles.Including low light taste of alcohol, such as Manns Original Brown Ale; moderate alcohol bitter, such as Newcastle Brown Ale; flavors such as Sierra Nevada Brown Ale.

Then what kind of beer would  you like to brewing ?

If you want to discuss more about brewing ,just let us know !

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